Flore Blaise Williams

The Project

In collaboration with Sanctuary for Families and the new Bronx Family Justice Center, Flore provided holistic representation and economic empowerment to immigrant women from French-speaking Caribbean and African communities in the Bronx who are victims of domestic violence and dire poverty.


A life of dignity, economic empowerment and the ability for all women to create a sustainable life for themselves has always been of great interest to me.

Flore Blaise Williams /
Equal Justice Works Fellow

The Inspiration

The Project

NYLAG created the Storm Response Unit to deal holistically will all legal problems that follow the survivors of Super Storm Sandy. As an Equal Justice Works AmeriCorp Legal Fellow in the storm response Unit, I help the victims of Super Storm Sandy to reclaim their lives by helping to solve any legal issue they have that has been created as a result of the storm. This means my days are always filled with different types of law from administrative FEMA appeals to housing disputes. Now that the Storm Response Unit has been practicing disaster law for nearly a year, we are spreading our experience to other non-profits in disaster areas, and conduct trainings when disaster strike.

The Project

Mai worked with legal service providers and community based organizations statewide to identify legal needs that exist in rural and isolated communities and leverage volunteers to help organizations serve low-income Californians in need. This project addressed the need for free legal assistance to isolated and rural low-income communities.

What’s Next?

Now that Mai has completed her Fellowship, she is a staff attorney at OneJustice, where she organizes free legal clinics for isolated and rural low-income communities in California through the Justice Bus Project.


I believe that access to legal assistance should be available to everyone, not just those who can afford it.

Mai Nguyen /
2016 Equal Justice Works Fellow

The Project

The purpose of the New York State Family Security Project is to promote family security and community education through the delivery of high-quality legal services to underserved and/or low-income immigrant families.  The project will involve conducting intakes, assessing eligibility for legal remedies, and providing direct representation or referrals when necessary.

There’s a significant population of immigrants with unmet legal needs living in upstate New York. Through outreach and collaboration with community-based organizations, the goal is to educate immigrants about their legal rights and options.