Ashilee Dickinson

The Project

Ashilee’s Fellowship addressed the needs of victims of campus sexual assault. She identified and addressed both the legal and non-legal needs of the victims. Further, the project addressed community outreach and educated campuses about the needs of the victims of campus sexual assault. Further, the project worked to identify the needs of victims of campus sexual assault and develop a network of individuals and agencies to address those needs. 

Ashilee has always been passionate about working with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Survivors of domestic violence have unique legal needs and she is capable of helping them address those needs.  

The Project

Working out of LawNY’s Bath office, I’m working to provide civil legal services to local veterans. During my tenure as a Fellow, I’ll provide direct representation to veterans and their families on a range of issues, including eviction defense, VA benefits, public assistance and many others. Working in conjunction with the Bath VA Medical Center, I will also organize free legal clinics and concentrate outreach efforts in making sure that local veterans know that legal help is available.

I have always been passionate about the right of all people to have equal access to the legal system, regardless of their background or financial situation. I was inspired to become a Fellow because I have several family members who are veterans and though they were able to adjust following their periods of service, I know that many are not so lucky. Many veterans lack the support of their community and the resources to be able to navigate the challenges they face following their military service, and I wanted to do what I could to provide support and help alleviate these challenges.

The Project

Brian assisted low income clients is securing employment by removing barriers to that employment. These barriers include but are not limited to criminal records, loss of license, poor credit scores, or lack of skills. Rhode Island still has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. That makes it difficult for anyone to find a job. People with additional legal barriers have a much less chance. The more people who are working the better for both that person and the entire state. Brian addressed the needs of his clients by finding jobs for low income clients, reducing unemployment, and assisting clients to improve quality of life. Brian was the right person for this project is dedicated to helping others. Brian also possessed a wide range of knowledge and skill to assist clients in all needs related to finding employment.

Fellowship Highlights

During his Fellowship Brian assisted current clients at Rhode Island Legal Services, Inc. while branching out to the community at large. In addition, Brian engagde in community outreach including clinics  to reach a greater number of clients who have barriers hindering employment. The most meaningful experience for Brian during his Fellowship was hearing the gratitude in a client’s voice when he told the client that he would look into her case.