Calissa N. Randall

The Project

Calissa provided direct legal representation and support to residents of Baltimore City, aged 60 and over, who were victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Calissa provided high quality legal services to low-income older adults who have been victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. In addition to providing direct legal representation to victims, Calissa helped to create a network of lawyers dedicated to elder justice issues and bringing greater public awareness about elder abuse. Calissa’s work through this project gave a voice to senior victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Fellowship Highlights

Over the course of a year, Calissa was able to assist several clients with elder justice issues including stopping ongoing physical and psychological abuse, recovering funds that seniors lost due to financial exploitation, and assisting seniors with advanced planning to stop ongoing abuse and prevent future abuse.

Next Steps

Calissa is now a Staff Attorney at Senior Legal Services where she continues to assist low-income older adults with their civil legal needs.


The Project

Many times, legal services programs target the symptoms of poverty, but not the root – economic disadvantage. Through this Fellowship, Anneliese aimed to provide essential tools to those looking to transform their economic circumstances through entrepreneurship. To improve access to credit, Anneliese launched a new microcredit program from the ground up. To respond to the void in legal assistance for micro entrepreneurs, Anneliese provided direct legal services and create opportunities for transactional pro bono.

The Project

The purpose of this project is to increase opportunities for law students to participate in pro bono activities, while also increasing support and assistance for volunteer attorneys in LAWO’s 32-county service area. I cultivate relations with law school students and faculty.  I also work with legal aid staff, volunteer lawyers, government leaders, court personnel, judges and bar leaders in an effort to raise the awareness and visibility of pro bono work while expanding opportunities for participation. <a href= target=_blank><b>Learn more about my project on YouTube</b></a>.

The Inspiration