John Austin

The Project

John’s Fellowship seeks to address any civil legal issue that impacts the veteran community in the state of Oklahoma. These issues include housing, family law, bankruptcy, consumer protection, veteran’s benefits, and other various issues that affect the livelihood of these selfless individuals. He also aims to assist the most underserved members of the more than 300,000 veterans who currently reside in Oklahoma.

Fellowship Plans

As a Fellow, John will:

  • Facilitate a legal clinic for veterans at the VA Medical Center located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Facilitate a legal clinic for veterans at the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation located in Norman, Oklahoma
  • Recruit law students at the University of Oklahoma College of Law, the University of Tulsa College of Law, and the Oklahoma City University School of Law to assist veterans with the application process for legal services
  • Create advertisements to be placed online and in traditional print publications in order to inform members of the public about the legal services currently available to veterans in Oklahoma

The opportunity to provide legal representation to the brave men and women who have placed their lives on the line for my freedom is one that I certainly do not take for granted. I also have a genuine passion for this work as I enjoy helping others in need. Further, representing the Veteran community in Oklahoma is particularly meaningful to me because of my family’s extensive history of military service.

John Austin /
Equal Justice Works Fellow

The Project

Elizabeth’s project was established in response to the tornado outbreak that affected parts of the Midwestern United States and lower Great Plains in May 2013. The project involved providing legal advice and assistance to storm victims in order to help them recover from the economic, physical, and emotional devastation of the storms and resume their lives.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Oklahoma and this project allowed her to help her community. Additionally, having spent the first years of her career at Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, she jumped at the chance to work with the organization again.

The Project

Operation Veterans Re-entry provides legal support to veterans in the areas of general civil legal services, veteran’s benefits, discharge upgrade, expungement/dismissal, landlord/tenant and housing law, and more. Our goal is to eradicate barriers to employment, housing, healthcare, and to ensure benefits for homeless and at-risk of being homeless veterans.


As a combat veteran, I have always taken pride in serving my brothers and sisters-in-arms.

Daniel Triplett, Jr. /
Equal Justice Works Fellow

The Project

Disaster relief for the May 2013 tornadoes that struck central Oklahoma. Stephen’s goal is to help the people affected by the disaster recover by offering any legal representation or advice that can help them back to a pre-disaster state.