Selene Dominguez Pena

The Project

This Fellowship was focused on continuing the fight towards eradicating human trafficking by representing and empowering survivors. Survivors of Labor and Sex Trafficking make up a population notably referred to as a form of Modern Day Slavery. For many immigrant survivors, a T Nonimmigrant Visa is their only hope to a full pathway to recovery, independence, and U.S. Citizenship. By partnering with Homeland Security investigations and social service agencies, like the International Rescue Committee, this Fellowship sought to provide holistic legal services to these survivors. 

Selene has been an activist against human trafficking since 2013. As a female immigrant from a small ranch in Chihuahua, Mexico, she understands the plight of immigrants in this country. For this reason, she has a sincere passion in advocating for our most vulnerable communities. Through her work, Selene strives to assure freedom as the most fundamental right to each of her clients. 


Throughout her Fellowship, Selene built partnerships with a variety of agencies that help provide legal support to survivors of trafficking. In order to increase community awareness and education, she developed and conducted trainings on how to identify and better serve survivors of human trafficking for legal advocates and social service providers. Selene also provided direct representation to both detained and non-detained survivors of trafficking in Washington federal courts.