Nadel Barrett

  • Hosted by Northwest Justice Project
  • Service location Spokane, Washington
  • Law school University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
  • Issue area Veterans' Rights
  • Fellowship class year 2014
  • Program AmeriCorps Fellows Program

The Project

The goal of the Veterans Project is to provide civil legal aid services to veterans whose income is less than 200% of the federal poverty level. Veterans frequently face barriers to housing, employment and income maintenance due to prior convictions, accessibility to public benefits, and lack of knowledge about rights or responsibilities. Some cases the Veterans Project has handled include child support modifications, negotiations, initial benefits applications, representation in housing issues, and some criminal record vacating. I’ve also connected with

One of the collateral duties I served in the Navy was as a division career counselor. It was a lot like lawyering and social work. I interviewed peers about their goals, researched opportunities, and matched peers with opportunities which would help them reach their goals. I do feel as if my status as a veteran has helped me connect with clients because we understand the same language and have experienced the same culture, regardless of other traits in our backgrounds.

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