Photo of Roy W. Berwick

Roy W. Berwick

  • Hosted by Legal Aid Society
  • Sponsored by AmeriCorps
  • Service location Louisville, Kentucky
  • Law school Creighton University School of Law
  • Issue area Veterans' Rights
  • Fellowship class year 2018
  • Program Veterans Legal Corps

The Project

Roy’s project aims to bring legal aid and help to veterans and their families on a full range of issues, such as family law, consumer protection, expungements, evictions, landlord/tenant issues, discharge upgrades, Social Security claims, and Veteran Administration claims on an extended basis.

As a Fellow, Roy will:

  • Perform outreach at VA sites
  • Arrange community actions and activities for veterans
  • Serve as a member of the Kentucky Bar Association’s Military Committee
  • Deliver professional presentations to peers

The Inspiration

“As a retired soldier I sought to continue my efforts to help those in need and to those forgotten by a system they gave their all to, regardless of discharge status or disadvantage. This passion stems from my first JAGC assignment as a Trial Defense Counsel to a Combat Division in the very early 1980s, where I witnessed and unwittingly allowed young soldiers, especially female soldiers, to accept less than good discharges and punishments to escape situations that had harmed or scared them. I simply did not recognize that they sought to escape frightening situations in their units. I have tried to make up for my unwitting participation that punished the victims and allowed the culprits to soldier on by standing up for the underdog,” says Roy.

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