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Headshot of Samantha Nagler

Samantha Nagler

  • Hosted by Gender Justice
  • Sponsored by Anonymous
  • Service location Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Law school Harvard Law School
  • Issue area Reproductive Rights
  • Fellowship class year 2024
  • Program Design-Your-Own Fellowship

The Project

Samantha’s (she/hers) project with Gender Justice will work to improve access to reproductive healthcare in Minnesota by challenging crisis pregnancy centers’ harmful practices through impact litigation, policy advocacy, and community organizing and education.

Crisis pregnancy centers prevent pregnant people from getting important reproductive healthcare by posing as medical providers, disseminating misinformation about the risks of abortion, and promoting medically unsound claims. They also collect sensitive information from patients and, because they are subject to little to no regulation, they are not required to keep that information private. In Minnesota, there are ninety crisis pregnancy centers, and they outnumber abortion providers ten to one, leaving Minnesotans with few options for reproductive healthcare, especially in rural areas.

Samantha’s passion for gender equality, which began at a young age, has inspired her to pursue a career advocating to protect and expand the rights of women and LGBTQ+ people. It is a critical time to fight for reproductive justice, and Samantha is committed to using the law to ensure access to safe, comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

Fellowship Plans

During her Fellowship, Samantha will bring litigation against crisis pregnancy centers, using consumer protection laws to counter their deceptive practices. She will also advocate for regulation of crisis pregnancy centers, urging the legislature to forbid their false advertising and require that they keep sensitive patient information private. Throughout, Samantha will engage with the communities harmed by crisis pregnancy centers, working to educate the public about how to access reproductive healthcare.

Because of my family’s experience with abortion, reproductive justice is important to me in principle, but also on a personal level.

Samantha Nagler /
2024 Equal Justice Works Fellow

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