Dafna Gozani

The Project

Dafna Gozani, through Colorado Juvenile Defender Center’s We Believe in Youth Project, represents justice-involved youth and former youth remove barriers to employment.

CJDC’s ability to provide direct expungement and deregistration services for youth and former youth fills a gap in ancillary legal services in Colorado. This gap is particularly pronounced in the collateral consequences of juvenile delinquency cases. Because the public defender and other legal services agencies in Colorado do not provide representation to youth and former youth seeking to expunge their juvenile records or remove their names from juvenile registries, CJDC is the only nonprofit provider of legal services to remove these barriers to employment.

Fellowship Highlights

During Dafna’s Fellowship, Dafna:

  • Created an entirely new direct services project for the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center
  • Provided services to over 200 Individuals with Barriers to Employment
  • Removed 29 Barriers to Employment through Direct Representation• Expand CJDC’s We Believe in Youth Program
  • Created a Formal Pro Bono Referral Program
  • Continued to assist individuals with legal and employment services

The Project

Adam reduced the collateral consequences of a juvenile record by representing clients in expungement and other post-adjudication petitions.

Most people with juvenile delinquency records change, mature, and become contributing members of society. Unfortunately, a delinquency record often becomes a barrier to gainful employment, quality housing, and education. For those who are eligible to have these barriers removed, the process of petitioning and arguing their case to the court can be confusing and intimidating. The state does not provide a public defender-type legal service for this type of work.