Alma Mirella Nieto

The Project

Mirella provided legal assistance to the residents of Alameda County who have been involved in the criminal justice system, and who face barriers to employment. Through education and outreach, cross-practice referrals and weekly legal clinics, she will help clients obtain all available records remedies. Criminal record remedies for residents of Alameda County, who are facing barriers to employment due to their prior involvement in the criminal justice system.

What’s Next

During Mirella’s Fellowship, Mirella:

  • Provided direct legal representation for low income clients throughout Alameda County
  • Educated individuals in Alameda County about the new court remedies available to California residents who have had their driver’s licenses suspended
  • Removed the barriers to employment faced by many Alameda County residents

The Project

Vinuta assisted individuals who have had contact with the criminal justice system to eliminate problems that individuals face when trying to navigate out of the system. Vinuta helps these individuals clean their criminal history records in order to overcome barriers to finding stable employment and housing.

After exiting the criminal justice system, individuals are stigmatized and discriminated against on the basis on their criminal history in a post 9/11 society. Individuals struggle to find employment and housing which are key to achieving a stable lifestyle and preventing recidivism. By obtaining employment and housing, individuals are placed on a path to success and rehabilitation.

Fellowship Highlights

During Vinuta’s Fellowship, Vinuta:

  • Provided direct legal representation and assistance to individuals seeking criminal record remedies.
  • Advocated on behalf of clients seeking employment and licensing remedies.
  • Developed a network of volunteers and organizations that can assist and provide resources to individuals.