Brandon Beeler

The Project

Build the capacity of tenants in eligible Rental Assistance Demonstration U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-assisted properties to engage with management and community organizations. The project aims to: help tenants advocate for the economic development of their communities through outreach, education, leadership development, and legal aid, and increase tenant outreach and training capacity of qualified local nonprofit organizations.

Tenants learn tools to self-mobilize, most notably by assisting them with setting up strong, independent tenant organizations that will ensure that the needs of their properties are being met. In addition, this project will involve local community groups to create a sound, long-term network of advocates to continue to work for the best interests of these tenants.

The Project

Meet with community members who face the risk of losing their affordable housing, connect them with necessary resources, educate them on their housing rights, and represent them in legal proceedings.

The top four needs addressed by this project are; Access to resources, economic empowerment, tenant education, and the preservation of affordable housing.