Elizabeth Reimels

The Inspiration

The Project

Emma provided accessible legal services to members of the LGBTQIA+ community who have experienced intimate partner violence.

In the Greater Boston Area, 86% of LGBTQIA+ survivors of intimate partner violence believe that legal services are necessary to escaping and rebuilding after intimate partner violence. However, only 34% of this community has access to legal resources. Emma’s project provided inclusive and accessible legal services for LGBTQIA+ survivors in the areas of family law and immigration.

Fellowship Highlights

During the two-year Fellowship period, Emma:

  • Provided advice and counsel to 40 clients on restraining orders, name changes, and immigration matters and provided full representation to another 35 clients on family law and immigration matters
  • Gave five restraining order trainings to community members, reaching a total of 35 individuals
  • Gave 15 presentations on family law for LGBTQIA+ clients, reaching a total of 75 individuals
  • Engaged in an outreach campaign, speaking at over 15 LGBTQIA+ community organizations
  • Served as a member of the LGBTQIA+ Domestic and Sexual Violence Coalition
  • Collaborated with Greater Boston Legal Services to make their Family Law Unit website gender neutral and inclusive
  • Organized Greater Boston Legal Services’ first-ever LGBTQIA+ accessibility training for more than 150 attorneys and staff members