Karen M. Kammholz

The Project

Karen (she/her/hers) will focus on educating and protecting the elder community in the City of Rochester and surrounding rural areas. Karen will specifically work to stop elder abuse in all forms.

Society recognizes that the poor and the elderly are vulnerable groups. When an individual is both poor and elderly, a perfect storm is created for them to be taken advantage of and abused.

Fellowship Plans

Knowledge is power. Karen will host a seminar for elderly locals to explain the very complex health care system, including Medicare and Medicaid, assisted living, and skilled care. She will explain their rights in those facilities, including quality care, the right to be heard, the right to complain, and the right to be free from harm. She will also explain what to do if harm does occur and how to get help.

A second presentation will be held for law enforcement agencies with regard to powers of attorney. Many agencies take the position that if a person signs a power of attorney, and the agent uses that power to gift to themselves, then the agent cannot be prosecuted criminally. This is not the case. Karen will impress upon the agencies that these agents need to be criminally liable in order for this fraud to stop.

Finally, Karen will work with administrations and staff of assisted living facilities and skilled nursing homes to impress upon them the need to work together to prevent abuse, to provide quality care, and most importantly respect to their residents.

The Project

Jessica provides legal services to economically disadvantaged individuals who face employment barriers due to their criminal record. Jessica also provides training and education to community providers who work with the re-entry population.

This project helps former criminal remove barriers to employment through things such as applications for Certificates of Relief, correcting criminal record errors, assisting with driver’s license and occupational license issues and enforcing compliance with New York’s Civil Rights Law. This project also provides outreach and training/education for human services providers to assist in re-entry work through delivering “Ask a Lawyer” presentations on employment and barrier-removal topics.

Prior to entering law school Jessica worked at a non-profit organization doing short term case management. Through this experience she saw the needs and struggles of low income communities which were largely due to limited resources. During law school Jessica interned at a variety of state, federal, and non-profit agencies including interning at New York State’s Division of Human Rights and Prisoners’ Legal Services during the same time period. This combination of experience allowed her to recognize not only the problems in the incarceration system, but also the employment problems that members of society with criminal pasts face. For those reasons, the opportunity to help break barriers to employment for people with criminal backgrounds seems like a natural transition.


The Project

Jeremiah King will serve more than 125 veterans, submit at least 63 cases, obtain as many positive outcomes as possible, secure/preserve $125,000 in economic benefits, and leverage at least 10 volunteers. To provide low income veterans with access to justice by providing legal services in multiple areas including healthcare, housing, and family.

Jeremiah chose this opportunity because of his grandfather. His grandfather is a World War II Veteran, and has received a variety of services to help him financially and medically. Jeremiah have taken him to appointments at the VA, and helped him locate other resources. Because of the high level of respect Jeremiah has for Veterans, he felt an obligation to give back to the Veteran community.

The Project

Jeremiah King represented Veterans holistically in a variety of practice areas. The Veterans Outreach Center in Rochester, NY is a one stop building for Veterans needs. Given the high volume of Veteran foot traffic they refer Veterans to Legal Assistance of Western New York for a variety of legal issues. This program allows many of the veterans to receive legal assistance that may otherwise not have access to legal assistance.


The Project

Eric Charette provided legal assistance to older adults in order to assist victims of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation and empower disenfranchised individuals so that they can secure the justice they deserve.

Abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of older adults is an unfortunately growing problem that is grossly under reported and thus, victims of these abuses are underserved. The older adult population is in need of accessible legal assistance in order to give them the power, resources, and protection necessary to confront their abusers and secure justice for themselves.


The Project

Assist those facing employment difficulties stemming from criminal convictions or discrimination. Activities include assisting individuals applying for Certificates of Relief from Disabilities/Certificates of Good Conduct, assisting individuals on the sex offender registry, numerous different administrative actions, and filing employment discrimination cases.

Ben is the only individual in his four county service area doing criminal re-entry work. Many individuals have old convictions that act as an impediment to finding gainful employment. Also, in the realm of employment discrimination, the project assists individuals who would not be able to afford a private attorney to pursue such cases.


The Project

Help individuals, particularly those who are low income, remove barriers to employment. These barriers often include discrimination due to criminal records, race, sex, and sexual orientation.

Many people with criminal records do not realize they have employment rights. This project addresses the large need for people with criminal records to become employed and build a stable life for themselves and their children. Often people are discouraged in their job search because they have a criminal record. I help people overcome that barrier.


The Project

Provide information and guidance to tenants in the process of converting from project based section 8 housing to enhanced vouchers.

The complex process of conversing project based section 8 housing can take up to 5 years. Additionally, many tenants do not understand the enhanced voucher process and often think they are losing their homes and section 8 all together. My project helps make this information accessible to these famiies, which can be used for future tenants to help them understand these transitions.


The Project

Joshua provided civil legal aid to low-income veterans in a variety of areas, including housing, child support, consumer protection, and public benefits matters.

This project assists veterans by providing extensive service on complex cases within the office’s priority areas, including staffing a medical-legal partnership at the VA Hospital in Canandaigua, NY, and helping run a legal hotline to provide legal information to veterans in matters that are not covered by our office.


The Project

Kristy assisted Veterans with civil legal issues and coordinate with other service providers in the area to create a strong network for veterans in Western New York.

The project assists veterans with strengthening their claims to gain benefits, but also offering wide-range, holistic legal assistance so that Veterans are secure financially, with housing, and in other areas.