Lisa Johnson

The Project

Lisa works to assist and protect immigrant children whose families or guardians would otherwise be unable to afford critical legal assistance to guide them through the complicated immigration court process, providing consultation, education, referrals and, in some cases, representation to ensure due process and protect them from exploitation.

When the surge of children fleeing Central America by themselves began a few years ago, North Carolina saw a huge need for legal representation for these children who would otherwise be forced to face immigration proceedings alone.

Lisa is the right person for this project because she has a passion for children, non-profits, and international law. Growing up in South Florida Lisa studied and used Spanish and also volunteered with children experiencing child abuse. This continued when she earned her degree in social work focusing on child welfare. In law school, she earned a concentration in international law. All of this makes her a perfect match to represent children who are in fear of deportation and many of whom have experienced significant trauma in Central America.

What’s Next

In the next six months, Lisa plans to: Continue working with non-profit organizations to help vulnerable populations.

The Project

Kimberley represented Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) in Immigration Court proceedings. Kimberley also screened, advised, educated and connected immigrant children as they move through the court system. Kimberley also provided free statewide legal representation for certain children who are currently in removal proceedings in immigration court, helping them explore what forms of immigration relief, if any, they qualify for.


The Project

Meghan Starnes-Moore provided legal representation to unaccompanied children. The program guided and represented children through the process of deportation proceedings and immigration applications.