Quinton Thompson

The Project

Quinton helped people with criminal records remove barriers to employment by providing expungement services, assistance with regaining driver’s licenses, and help with reinstating professional licenses.

Studies have consistently shown that employers turn down individuals with criminal records at an alarming rate. Due to one’s inability to get a job, it makes more likely that one will be arrested again and sent back to jail or prison. This project, hopefully, will remove the barriers that constantly prohibit qualified individuals from gaining employment.

Fellowship Highlights

During Quinton’s Fellowship, Quinton:

  • Educated at least 250 people on expungement laws in Mississippi.
  • Helped at least 100 clients remove a barrier to employment.
  • Allowed at least 30 people the chance to finally get a job because their criminal history has been cleared.

The Project

Kiara helped remove barriers to employment for people with criminal records and provide expungement outreach and direct legal services to Mississippi residents in all of the state’s 82 counties.

This program uses the state’s expungement statutes to clear reentering individuals’ records to help them to gain employment, obtain promotions, or get into schools that will give them an opportunity to pursue higher wages.