Sanae Shinotsuka

The Project

To eliminate barriers to employment for the vulnerable, especially for those who have criminal convictions, and to help them become gainfully employed.

The Inspiration

The Project

Through the Employment Opportunity Fellowship Program, Kendra Jepsen assisted Las Vegas citizens with overcoming barriers to employment, such as sealing criminal records, legal name changes, and obtaining professional licenses.


Clark County to offer residents free law classes

The Project

Christena directly represented clients seeking criminal record sealing, name changes, or gender marker changes. Teach community education classes on criminal record sealing and offer pleading completion clinics for pro se petitioners.

This project aims to address the needs of individuals to successfully seek employment or better employment, as well as open up educational opportunities for individuals to complete programs and qualify for jobs or promotions. It does this by providing individuals with access to the court and education on how to complete the process pro se or represented by an attorney.


The Project

Help individuals remove legal barriers to employment. In Northern Nevada, this translates primarily into helping clients seal criminal records, removing mugshots from the web, and correcting rap sheets and background check information pursuant to the FCRA.

Individuals with criminal histories suffer discrimination in employment and housing, even when the person’s criminal past is limited or in the distant past. The Nevada record sealing statute, which is very broad, allows individuals who have reformed their lives an opportunity to shed the stigma of their prior convictions. Record sealing allows the individual to treat the conviction as though it never happened and thus, improves the individuals’ employment opportunities.