Johanna Zacarias

The Project

Johanna Zacarias removed barriers to employment through direct representation and through community networking and community legal education. This project addressed the employment needs of low-income individuals in northeastern New Jersey. Specifically, it addressed the need of those with a criminal record to have that record expunged in order to improve their employment opportunities and attain a higher standard of living.

Fellowship Highlights

During Johanna’s Fellowship, Johanna:

  • Filed dozens of expungement petitions to help clients remove the stigma of a criminal record.
  • Empowered communities to exercise their rights and ensure their past mistakes don’t define their future opportunities.
  • Assisted clients in identifying and removing barriers to successfully obtaining employment.

The Project

Kirk provided low-income and homeless veterans with access to quality legal representation and advice to address civil legal issues that impact their health, income, housing and family stability.

The Project addresses VA Determinations To Deny Service-Connected Disability Benefits and VA Determinations To Award Partial Service-Connected Disability Benefits At A Lower Percentage. The program also provides advice and representation for public benefits, housing, consumer, and employment (i.e. expungement matters).