Kori Lorick

The Project

Kori empowered domestic violence survivors in Alaska Native communities to obtain protective orders and resolve family law issues through direct legal advocacy, community education, and outreach.

Many Alaska Native communities face epidemic rates of domestic violence and sexual assault, but they have relatively little access to legal services. These services are essential to ensure survivors and their families are protected from further violence. Many survivors do not understand their basic rights and are overwhelmed by the legal process, which is one of the primary impediments to their safety and empowerment. Kori’s Fellowship will help mobilize community initiatives to change the response to gender violence and will improve access to tribal and state legal systems.

Fellowship Highlights

During Kori’s Fellowship, Kori:

  • Built relationships with village councils, village public safety officers and Dillingham and State police, Tribal and State courts, and service providers to gain understanding about the community, raise awareness of the issue and promote available legal resources
  • Developed a curriculum for a community training program to teach survivors about their legal rights
  • Obtained community ideas on potential solutions and identify best practices to create a resource guide for law enforcement and first responders