Vicki Belstadt

  • Hosted by Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc.
  • Service location Rochester, New York
  • Law school Syracuse University College of Law
  • Issue area Veterans' Rights
  • Fellowship class year 2014
  • Program AmeriCorps Fellows Program

The Project

Vicki worked with LawNY’s Legal Services for Veterans Project, which works with the Veterans Outreach Center (VOC), a local service organization that assists veterans with many different needs. At the VOC, LawNY has a permanent placement on site two days a week where I may meet directly with veterans who have legal issues. The Rochester office handles a variety of civil issues involving housing, Fair Housing, SNAP, public benefits, re-entry, powers of attorney, wills, and health care proxies.

Vicki comes from a family full of veterans. Vicki’s grandfather served in the Army during WWII under General Patton in the 14th armored division and was awarded a bronze star medal for meritorious service in a combat zone. Vicki’s father served in the Air Force and was stationed in Kunsan, South Korea and then in Danang, Vietnam while on temporary duty (TDY). Vicki also has 3 uncles that served in the Navy and Air Force Reserve, and a cousin who served in the Marines and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Vicki is extremely proud of her family members and their contributions to our country. Vicki feels that helping veterans allows her to honor their service and her family.

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