Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania

The Project

As an Employment Opportunity Legal Corps Fellow, Ventura provided legal assistance to individuals with legal barriers to employment, such as expunging eligible criminal records and reinstating driving licenses.

What’s Next?

After her Fellowship, Ventura became a staff attorney at her host organization, Greater Boston Legal Services, where she provides critical legal advice and representation to low-income individuals.


Ventura Dennis (’13) receives Outstanding Young Lawyers Award

The Project

This project seeks provide a multi-disciplinary approach in serving economically disadvantaged individuals to improve their standard of living by removing legal barriers to employment such as expungement or sealing of criminal records, corrections of errors in criminal records, addressing the loss of a driver’s or occupational license, correction of errors on credit reports and repairing a poor credit report.

This project is important because it eliminates continuous punishment for minor mistakes. Many individuals are unable to obtain employment due to mistakes in the past, which led to criminal charges, poor credit, or loss of a driver’s license. This project will allow individuals a fresh start and an opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Fellowship Highlights

LaTri-c-ea worked in court to remove these barriers, work with clients to address any social issues that may also prevent them from obtaining employment, connect clients to outside agencies for further assistance, and follow up with the client to ensure that they have been able to find gainful employment.