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Student Debt Manual

Understanding that high educational debt is a barrier to lawyers wanting to pursue public interest law, Equal Justice Works spearheaded the expansion of Loan Repayment Assistance Programs at law schools and became a leading advocate for programs created by the College Cost Reduction and Access Act.

We continue to work for changes to reduce the educational debt burden for all students and graduates and to provide comprehensive and accessible information about powerful debt relief programs available to help anyone interested in pursuing a public interest career.

Our free manual will provide you with basic information about student loans, repayment options and relief programs such as Income-Based Repayment and Public Service Loan Forgiveness, so you can manage your educational debt and take control of your future.

To download the manual as a pdf, please enter your information below. Your information will not be sold to or shared with others and Equal Justice Works will use it solely to inform you of important updates to the manual and educational debt relief options. Once you enter your information, you will be redirected to a download link.