Equal Justice Works Announces 2019 Class of Fellows

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Seventy-six aspiring public interest lawyers will spend the next two years serving at legal services organizations across the nation to increase equal access to justice for communities in need.

The 2019 class of Fellows received sponsorship from 75 law firms, corporations, foundations, and individual donors committed to improving access to our justice system nationwide.

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 14, 2019—Equal Justice Works, the nation’s largest facilitator of opportunities in public interest law, today named its 2019 Class of Equal Justice Works Fellows. Seventy-six recent law school graduates will launch their careers through an Equal Justice Works Fellowship project of their own design.

“The Equal Justice Works Fellowship program offers aspiring public interest lawyers an opportunity to do so much more than provide legal representation—it’s an opportunity to become a force for change,” said David Stern, executive director at Equal Justice Works. “We are excited to welcome these new Fellows and look forward to seeing how they will help balance the scales of justice in our country.”

Selected from 450 applications, the 2019 Class of Equal Justice Works Fellows includes graduates from 39 law schools who will work at 73 legal services organizations in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Among this year’s sponsors are 26 leading law firms and 23 Fortune 500 corporations.

The 2019 Class of Equal Justice Works Fellows have created projects to address a wide range of legal issues. Examples of these projects include:

  • Jilisa Milton will protect the rights of children with disabilities in Alabama’s Black Belt through advocacy with juvenile courts, the state’s Medicaid system, and local school systems. Jilisa, a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law, is sponsored by the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation and will be hosted at the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program.
  • Lauren Zack will improve the life outcomes of Los Angeles’ transition-age foster youth by preventing and challenging vehicle impoundments that perpetuate hardships and punish indigence. Lauren, a graduate of Stanford Law School, will be hosted at Public Counsel. She is co-sponsored by Spotify and Latham & Watkins LLP.
  • Carl Sessions will represent tenants in eviction court in Chicago who have viable claims related to the substandard condition of their homes. Carl, an alumnus of the Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, is sponsored by Rossotti Family Foundation and will be hosted at the Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing.

Each year, Equal Justice Works selects a class of passionate public service leaders who have designed projects in partnership with legal services organizations that help build sustainable solutions in the communities where they serve. The projects are funded by the generous support of law firms, corporations, foundations, and individuals. Many of the law firms and corporate legal departments leverage their sponsorship to increase engagement and service through pro bono support.

Over the past three decades, Equal Justice Works has awarded more than 2,000 Fellowships to lawyers committed to public service. More than 85 percent of Fellows remain in public service, continuing to pursue equal justice for underserved communities across the country.

Click here for a full list of the 2019 Equal Justice Works Fellows, host organizations, and sponsors.


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