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Applications for the 2023 Design-Your-Own Fellowship are open until 8 p.m. ET on September 13. Visit here for more details about the Fellowship, and to access resources and information about the application process.

The Equal Justice Works Design-Your-Own Fellowship program serves a dual purpose: to jumpstart the careers of aspiring public interest lawyers, and to build crucial capacity at legal services organizations nationwide. Equal Justice Works does not match candidates and their host organizations; instead, both parties collaborate closely to design a project and apply for the Fellowship together. If you are a 2023 Fellowship candidate who does not yet have a host, check out our round-up below for organizations seeking partners. If you are a host organization still seeking prospective Fellows and do not see your solicitation listed here, email us at [email protected] to add or remove your listing.

*Note: this list is not comprehensive, and the postings it shares are subject to change. Please communicate directly with prospective host organizations for up-to-date information on partnership plans. 

  • Death Penalty Information Center | Washington, DC
    • Reporting to the Deputy Director, the fellow will research cutting edge issues in the administration of the death penalty.

  • New York Civil Liberties Union | New York, NY
    • Applicants will be asked to submit ideas for a project proposal relating to civil liberties and civil rights in New York. Proposed projects often combine litigation, advocacy, community outreach, and public education.

  • LatinoJustice PRLDEF | Orlando, FL
    • We are particularly interested in projects that address Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican diaspora; reproductive rights and/or gender justice, including LGBTQ rights; economic justice, including education and housing justice; and the intersection of the immigration and criminal legal systems.

  • International Refugee Assistance Project | New York, NY
    • IRAP seeks fellowship proposals that align with the applicants’ interests, but all fellowship proposals in response to this solicitation must provide assistance to individuals seeking safe refuge in the United States. Applicants are particularly encouraged which focus on Afghans seeking lasting safety in the United States and/or assisting those who have recently crossed or seek to cross the U.S./Mexico border.
  • Human Rights First | New York, NY / Los Angeles, CA
    • Human Rights First is primarily interested in projects that will support our efforts in Los Angeles and New York to advance due process and address systemic impediments to access to counsel and fair proceedings in the legal representation and treatment of asylum-seekers during border processes, asylum office interviews, and immigration court hearings.
  • Local Progress | Washington, DC
    • This is an exciting opportunity for recent law school graduates who are eager to build the legal and policy capacity of the Local Progress network, which is comprised of elected officials serving in cities and counties, and on school boards, as well as closely collaborate with these members in working hand-in-hand with impacted communities to win and defend transformational local policy on some of the most pressing issues facing communities today. 
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU):
    • LGBTQ & HIV Project | New York, NY
      • The ACLU seeks to sponsor a candidate for an externally funded fellowship that would focus on court challenges to anti-trans laws, including laws barring access to gender-affirming health care; restrictions on use of restrooms, locker rooms, or other sex-segregated facilities; laws barring participation by trans youth on sports teams; and legal rules that label parents or care providers as child abusers if they provide gender-affirming care. We are also open to considering other fellowship proposals in the trans justice space.
    • Center for Liberty | New York, NY
      • The Center for Liberty seeks a fellow to address novel and complex legal questions relevant to defending and advancing the rights encompassed by the Center— reproductive freedom, LGBT rights and the rights of people living with HIV, the rights of people with disabilities, women’s rights, and freedom of religion and belief. We are particularly interested in sponsoring a candidate interested in looking at these issues from the lens of systemic equality.

    • Legal Department | New York, NY
      • Reporting to the National Legal Director, the Fellow will be focused on litigating state constitutional rights claims in state supreme courts. In light of the increasingly hostile federal courts, the ACLU will turn to state supreme courts to develop and safeguard constitutional rights.

    • Criminal Law Reform Project | New York, NY
      • CLRP seeks to sponsor a fellow in the New York office to undertake a project combatting policing harm through state constitutions and creative litigation to support investments in alternatives to police responses.

    • Reproductive Freedom Project | New York, NY
      • Specific job duties…will include legal research, litigation, and policy work to support RFP’s efforts to reimagine the right to reproductive freedom.
    • Women’s Rights Project | New York, NY
      • WRP seeks to host an externally funded Legal Fellow to challenge restrictions on women’s economic and social opportunities caused by forms of blacklisting and other procedures that categorically penalize individuals for prior contact with the housing or family regulation systems, such as having an eviction record or appearing on a state child abuse registry.

    • Immigrants’ Rights Project | San Francisco, CA
      • We are particularly interested in advancing work that will advance farmworkers’ and domestic workers’ rights, including access to minimum wage, overtime, and workers’ compensation, and collective bargaining protections.

    • Capital Punishment Project | New York, NY
      • Partnering With ACLU Affiliates In Death Penalty States, And With Coalition Partners Nationally, The Capital Punishment Project Promotes Both Abolition And Systemic Reform Of The Death Penalty Process

    • Voting Rights Project | New York, NY
      • Proposed projects for the Voting Rights Project should have an impact-litigation focus, but successful projects also frequently include an integrated advocacy approach (weaving in policy advocacy, public education, etc.).

    • Disability Rights Program | San Francisco, CA
      • DRP has many projects, ideas, and requests for assistance that could be strengthened or undertaken only with the addition of a fellow, including: guardianship, policing and mental health, and voting.

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