Responding to the Increased Demand for Disaster Legal Aid

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Individuals’ legal needs don’t stop when disasters hit—they get worse. Equal Justice Works created the Disaster Recovery Legal Corps to place 23 lawyers throughout Texas, and Florida to deliver critical legal services to underserved communities affected by recent hurricanes and tropical storms. Brittanny Perrigue, Javier Arturo Dominguez, and Stephanie Duke are three Fellows who joined this program to address a wide range of disaster-related legal issues including housing, employment, immigration, accessibility, and health care needs. Equal Justice Works has placed more than 80 lawyers in areas affected by disaster since 2005, and we know from experience that disaster preparedness is critical to ensuring disaster resilience.

Since 2005, Equal Justice Works has developed targeted programs to place more than 80 passionate public service lawyers delivering legal services to disaster-affected communities.

To learn more about the Disaster Resilience Program, our latest initiative that brings together Fellows and law students to help communities navigate legal issues before, during, and after disasters like COVID-19, visit here.

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