Updated NALP Recruiting Guidelines  

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In late 2018, the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) announced updated guidelines regarding on-campus recruiting. Under the new rule, the 28-day period during which summer and permanent employment offers remain open has been eliminated, and the October 15 and December 1 timing guidelines for advising and recruiting first-year students have been eliminated.

Equal Justice Works recognizes NALP’s essential role in designing and promoting recruitment policies and procedures for the legal career field, and will continue to follow the association’s guidance. At this year’s Conference and Career Fair, first-year law students will be eligible to apply for scheduled interviews. It is at the discretion of public interest employers at the event to offer interviews to first-year law students.

Under the guidance of its National Advisory Committee, Equal Justice Works will provide online resources prior to the event to support and educate first-year law students on attendee best practices.

If you have questions regarding policies at the Conference and Career Fair, please contact the Equal Justice Works Law School Engagement and Advocacy team at [email protected].

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