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Equal Justice Works is currently recruiting lawyers and organizers to serve as Fellows in our Housing Justice Program in Virginia starting in Spring 2022.

The Equal Justice Works Housing Justice Program uniquely combines the efforts of lawyers and community organizers, working collaboratively as Fellows, to address the dire problem of evictions in low-income and underserved communities. Fellows hosted at legal aid and grassroots organizations work strategically help tenants access justice and empower communities to stand up against unfair housing practices.

Since the program was first launched in Richmond, Virginia in 2019, Fellows have: helped more than 4,800 tenants avoid eviction; collaborated with over 30 tenants’ rights organizations to educate 40,000 tenants about their rights; contributed to efforts to save communities from displacement; and received national media attention for their important work.

In 2022, Equal Justice Works is expanding the Housing Justice Program from Richmond to Northern and Eastern Virginia, and into South Carolina and Maryland. Fellows will be hosted at legal aid and grassroots organizations in areas where evictions and housing instability have reached epidemic proportions. During a two-year term, Fellows work collaboratively to provide legal advice, referrals, and full representation for tenants in eviction proceedings. They also engage in outreach, education activities, and work with community partners to address systematic barriers that contribute to housing instability.

The Housing Justice Program is currently recruiting for Fellows (7 lawyers and 4 organizers) in Virginia to serve at organizations in the Greater Richmond Region, Hampton Roads, and Northern Virginia starting in Spring of 2022.

Organizations still hiring Fellows to begin working this spring are:

The Housing Justice Program will begin recruiting for Fellows in South Carolina and Maryland in Summer 2022.

If you have any questions about the application process or program, please reach out to [email protected].

To learn more about the Housing Justice Program, click here.

The Housing Justice Program is made possible thanks to the generosity of The JPB Foundation and JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

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