How to Make the Most Out of the Conference and Career Fair

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By Brooke Meckler, director of law school engagement and advocacy at Equal Justice Works

This fall, Equal Justice Works will host its annual Conference and Career Fair virtually from October 21-23, 2021.

The Conference and Career Fair provides a unique opportunity for students to interview with public interest employers from across the country for internships and post-graduate positions. It is also a one-stop shop for career growth for public-service minded law students, with networking opportunities with over 150 employers, résumé reviews, workshops, and panel discussions. Here’s what students need to know to make the most out of this year’s virtual fair.

Test-run everything before the event!

In advance of any virtual interview or career fair, always ensure you are comfortable with the platform being used. This means navigating the system before the event, knowing how to access your interviews and table talk, and testing out your camera and audio. For the Conference and Career Fair, this means you should be familiar with Pathable before the day of the event. Make sure you know how to log in and navigate the platform and app so you can take advantage of all the conference has to offer. Our platform has multiple features that allow you to connect and follow up with employers, which you should learn about prior to the fair. Test-running your experience also allows us to troubleshoot any issues in advance of the event and any interviews you have lined up.

Treat virtual interviews like in-person interviews.

“Arrive” to your virtual interview on time, and dress the way you would if you were meeting with the interviewer in person. Be polite, interested, and friendly to all individuals involved in the process, whether it be the administrator of the event, someone who welcomes you to the interview, or the interviewers themselves. As with any interview, be prepared to talk about anything you included in your application materials. In the event that you have to cancel or reschedule your interview, reach out to our team as soon as possible.

Attend Table Talk and Conference Sessions!

Many students are not taking advantage of table talk events, which means that those who do attend will really stand out with employers. Students should come to table talk knowing some information about the organization and show curiosity and interest. For the Conference and Career Fair, you’ll be taking advantage of the “Talk Now” feature during Table Talk to connect with employers from over 150 organizations! And here’s a hot tip: even if you already have an interview, attend table talk so you can get the inside scoop beforehand. There are also excellent sessions throughout the conference focused on topics like racial justice, housing, immigration, and environmental law. Public interest leaders from across the country serve as panelists and share incredible insights on their practice areas. During this year’s conference, we are excited to invite Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta as our keynote speaker to talk about her inspirational career. You can either join these sessions live, or watch the recordings afterwards if you have an interview during the session.

Visit here to learn more and register for the 2021 Conference and Career. If you have any questions about the event, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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