Information for Law Students & Recent Graduates

Join us as we bring together more than 1,400 students, 200 employers, and 150 law school faculty, staff, and practitioners in the public interest law field at the Equal Justice Works Conference and Career Fair!


Student registration for the 2020 Conference and Career Fair is is now closed.

Details on the Virtual Event

Equal Justice Works is offering this year’s event through Pathable, our conference platform. Attending students and recent graduates should have received their credentials to access the platform by Monday, October 19. All attendees will use this platform to access their agendas, and will access all pre-scheduled interviews, conference sessions, employer informational sessions, and more through Pathable.

Attendees are encouraged to view this webinar to learn more about the virtual event.

Pre-Scheduled Interviews

Students interviewing with employers through the pre-scheduled interview option will access all interviews through Pathable. Prescheduled interviews last 20 minutes with a 10-minute break between interviews. They will be set up as “private meetings” on your agenda; they will not appear on the general “event agenda.” These are standard Zoom meetings; when you “join” the meeting, you will be directed to open the Zoom app.

Employer Informational Sessions

Each day of the event from 2–3:30 p.m. ET all participating employers will host informational sessions for students to attend. These will be split into three 30-minute blocks and prescheduled interviews will not occur during this time. Employers will only participate in these sessions on the dates in which they are attending the event.

Table Talk Employers

Several employers attending the event are ONLY participating in Table Talk (i.e. they will not have prescheduled interviews, or they will only be hosting prescheduled interviews for part of the day). These employers will be available for more informal, one-on-one conversations throughout the event, and will be accessible through their “booths.”

Questions about CCF?

Please email the Conference and Career Fair team with any questions at [email protected].