This year, public interest employers, law students, recent graduates, and law school professionals from across the country have the opportunity to participate in two days of panel sessions and issue-area trainings in September and three days of prescheduled interviews and informal "table talk" discussions in October as part of our 2022 Conference and Career Fair.

For Employers

The Conference and Career Fair makes recruitment easy, bringing together a diverse pool of qualified candidates from across the country for internships and full-time positions, all in one place.

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For Law Students & Recent Graduates

Just starting out in public interest law? The Conference and Career Fair is a one-stop shop for career growth, boasting 200+ employers, issue-specific workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

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For Law School Professionals

Registration is free for law school professionals! Attend the Conference and Career Fair for a variety of workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities with legal services employers and other law school professionals.

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