Thank You to Our Alumni Volunteers!

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By Lynbea Toombs, director of alumni relations at Equal Justice Works

It’s National Volunteer Week and we are sending our sincere thanks to all Equal Justice Works alumni volunteers for their generosity, time, talent, and dedication.

Our alumni are a critical part of our community and play an important role in uplifting our mission and shared vision of achieving our nation’s promise of equal justice for all. These passionate public service leaders routinely return to Equal Justice Works to speak to current and prospective Fellows at panels, talks, workshops, recruitment events, and so much more.

We appreciate the efforts of alumni and are grateful for their support in:

Sharing their expertise by reviewing Fellowship applications

Each year, our alumni application reviewers willingly dedicate their time to assist us in identifying the next class of Equal Justice Works Design-Your-Own Fellows. We had 120 alumni register to review over 383 applications for the 2022 Fellowship application cycle. There is no way that we could thoroughly review and vet an applicant pool of this size without their generous assistance!

Inspiring the next generation of public service leaders from all backgrounds

Alumni like Alexander Chen ’17, Rebeca Garcia Gil ’18, Darlene Hemerka ’17, Kevin Hempy ’20, Brittanny Perrigue Gomez ’18, and Max Tipping ’15, who joined us for our My Impact Alumni Chat Series, a Zoom-based conversation series with alumni that highlights what’s possible with an Equal Justice Works Fellowship.

At our 2021 Conference and Career Fair alums Annie Lee ’14, Jeremy Rosen ’00, and Samantha Kubek ’16 participated in a My Impact Live panel, where they discussed the Fellowship application process, opportunities available to Equal Justice Works Fellows and alumni, and reflected on how their Fellowships have helped shape their careers as public interest lawyers.

Supporting current Fellows
My Impact Live Screenshot
Sarah Jasper interviews Equal Justice Works Alumni Samantha Kubek, Annie Lee, and Jeremy Rosen in the My Impact Live panel.

Our alumni have contributed their knowledge, expertise, and candidness in a range of talks, panels, and events. At the 2021 Equal Justice Works Leadership Development Training, 60 other alumni served as trainers, facilitators, and presenters during the event, including Archi Pyati ’02, who shared inspirational reflections on her Fellowship and its impact on her career during a keynote address, and Equal Justice Works Board Member Joshua Medina ’16, who led an a thought-provoking and inspirational conversation on resilient leadership and strategies with advocate and author Laura van Dernoot Lipsky.

Throughout the year, our alumni also signed up as presenters and facilitators for our newly implemented Learning & Networking series for current Fellows, as well as at our learning events for our issue-based Fellowship programs.

Providing ongoing advice and feedback
Photo of the current members of the Alumni Advisory Council.

Equal Justice Works formed the inaugural Alumni Advisory Council (AAC)—a non-fiduciary, volunteer advisory board with an overwhelming level of interest.  In September 2021, the 15 alumni members held their first official meeting.

Over the last few months, this diverse and dynamic group has worked diligently to provide advice and counsel in support of the organization’s alumni engagement initiatives—forming committees, hosting events, and making thoughtful recommendations as members of the Equal Justice Works alumni community.

Thanks to the AAC’s dedication and enthusiasm we have seen support from alumni across a broadened range of legal sectors, Fellowship classes and programs, as well as from across the nation. We can’t thank them enough!

The Equal Justice Works Alumni Engagement Program is increasing thanks to the contributions and volunteerism of our alumni base. We hope they will continue to express their interest, get involved, and reach out to other alumni, Fellows and staff.

If you are an Equal Justice Works alumni looking to get involved, join the Alumni LinkedIn Group to network, gain career advice, and explore professional development opportunities.


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